Keep Going—Small Good Things

Didn’t have much energy to workout for a week. Missed all the push and pull exercises so much, mostly the feeling post workout.

Finally, I’m back to the grind. And oh, it feels so good. 💪🏼

With so much going on everywhere, sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track. You lose it half way in, but it’s what you miss the most that matters. ‘Cause you get back to it, somehow.

Self-confidence is key. And the belief you have in yourself is what pushes you forward. Thus, you can do it.

And it helps when you have a coach to guide you along the way. Then, you stay more motivated.

Hence, surround yourself with people who wish you well and who want the best for you. Cause, guess what? It’s what’s healthy for you, both physically and mentally.

And know thing! You got this! ❤

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