What makes you special?

It could be simple like your voice, acting, receptiveness, calm nature, or even confidence.

In many ways than one, it boils down to your personality and how you make the world feel around you.

Owning a real estate or a BMW helps you in life’s many places and they make you privileged. But they do not make you special.

It’s your personality with humility and empathy that truly distinguishes you from the rest.

Empathy shows how you acknowledge your blessings and others’ struggle and humility shows how you treat others who have less or are not as privileged as you are.

At the same time, we also need to hold on to our own. So, let’s be confident but not arrogant, and humble but not weak.

There is no age in developing. So, the idea of maturity with age is outdated because you can always work on yourself.

When you develop, some might laugh at you, some might envy you, but there will be people who will cherish you.

Hence, it’s the effort we put in that brings out the result in the end.

Focus on ‘You’ and what works best for you as a person. And think of others the same way.

Feel it. You’ll respect the ones who are improving themselves too.

And know one thing! You got this!

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