Where I Felt It—An Experience of a Lifetime

I couldn’t let it go. My head could move no longer and my arms could barely go here and there; even the fingers felt numb at some point.

All I see is the multilayered white ceiling that was limited to my otherwise peripheral vision, beyond the already attached tin foil metallic thing.

Minutes in, and I couldn’t get used to it.

Moments pass as I opened my eyes, I asked for help by squeezing the ball for assistance. I couldn’t breathe, it felt like my life was threatened by the intense position I was held in.

I saw the clock and it was an hour passed already, and that’s when I realized I probably slept in the very awkward stance I felt suffocated when breathing in and staying conscious proved to be too painful.

I had to think of some memories to pass my time through cause this time I was pretty up. I couldn’t fall asleep again.

I remembered ‘Fresh,’ one of my recently watched movies where one of the characters had a much more bizarre experience.

I felt it in my bones, the horror people must have gone through their life while seeking freedom from the very shackles of captivity.

At last, I felt free.

Hold on, I had to bite onto something this time. The complexity increased. My sight of freedom was delayed. I went through those same emotions again. Need to go through it one more time. I boosted my confidence, I got this!

Twenty minutes or so had gone by when it finally ended.

I found a new purpose of humbleness and appreciation for the moment I got free and the moment I stood and breathed easy, I would keep this memory afresh, definitely not for the enjoyment but for the realization at best.

I felt like a new human being as I walked out of the MRI examination room, the place where I felt suffocated for an hour and a half. I remembered the staff stating this is one of the most complicated MRI exams. I can certainly attest to that.

Finally, I see the freedom I longed for the last couple of hours! Only this time I actually got it!

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