My Time in Alexandria in honor of Presidents’ Day

Yesterday was President’s Day! And I took some time to reflect on certain aspects of the history of our first president, George Washington.

Mr. Edward, our tour guide, is an author, ex-writer of “Tonight Show,” and speechwriter of a former president.

We visited several places associated with the extraordinary life and times of George Washington, from his teenage years as a surveyor through his generalship in the American Revolution to his time as President. And we also happened to see some Civil War sites.

Incredibly, Washington wanted to commercialize America and make it a strong nation; he had also decided to free all the enslaved people he owned on his deathbed.

He contributed to the free nation in its infancy. And we cherish the way he governed it in his time that led to how progressive the country has been over the centuries.

I hope you all had a good day! 😊

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