Fitness Program for Muscle Strength – Day 2 and then Ongoing

Some days passed and I was onto my second circuit training with the supervision of Joey, certified trainer, and physiotherapist.

Even though I had no muscle pain, neither did I have a lack of energy, but boy do the muscles hurt as I am typing this article today reflecting upon the exercises done yesterday. Yes, you are right! The next few days hurt the most.

If you missed out on my Day 1 post, have a look at it: Fitness Program for Muscle Strength – Day 1

The exercises looked easy while doing them but there were certain ones that challenged me (i.e. Chest Fly with an increased weight than the last time). At that moment, it was tough and surely stimulated some muscles to grow, which I like the most. [Pain = It’s Working]

What were the exercises?


Day 2 – a circuit similar to my first day but with some added challenges.

Remember those 9 types of exercises that I did in my Day 1?

Yes, exactly the same but with a slight touch of progression:

  1. Jumping Jacks – 35 reps x2
  2. Squat – 15 reps x1
  3. Dumbbells Side-raise then press forward then drop slowly to the original position – 2.5 KG each hand – 10 reps x1
  4. Alternate Lunges – 16 reps x1
  5. One-Dumbbell raise overhead – start upfront keeping your elbows straight then raise it overhead then return to the starting position – single 2.5 KG dumbbell only – keep your palms facing up – 15 reps x1
  6. Alternate Leg Step-up to an elevated position upfront then – step up using your right leg then use that to return to the original position; now do the same with the left one (that’s 2 reps – 1 leg = 1 rep) – 16 reps x1
  7. Chest Fly – 2.5 KG Dumbbells held with each hand – start with a raised sideways position then press it forward then back to the original position – 10 reps x1
    Thoughts: Boy, was it tough! I had to rest for a few seconds between every 5 reps. No matter how hard it looks, keep going! Bingo! Instant motivation.
  8. Side-squat stand with both feet together, widen your right leg to the right side and squat then return and do the same towards the left – 16 reps altogether x1
  9. Chest push forward – One 2.5 KG Dumbbell – hold with each hand standing up with elbows bent, palms facing down – 15 reps x1


Those exact types of exercises continued for two rounds only that this time, I had a Round 3 on Jumping Jacks of 35 reps done twice.

Core Exercises (they help to grow your Abs!):

If you want abs, you gotta think about doing core exercises!

  1. Planks 20 counts x3
  2. Pelvic raise with heel down and toes up – you have to push your heel down when you are doing it – 20 counts x3

No Stretches done this time!

Yes! It’s okay not to do them.

Advice From the Trainer


Drink a lot of water!


I had a bowl of Kellogg’s Chocos, that always tastes great!

Thank you for reading my write-up on this fitness program.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others! Also check out my Day 1 workout on this fitness program!

And remember! No workout is small!


Remember, the workouts are almost always the same, at least with hitting a certain muscle area. With each week, you need to increase the muscle tension and intensity by varying weights. Once you are confident enough, explore the nearest gym around you. After you become used to the basic exercises, go for intermediate and then advanced workouts. One day, doing these at the gym would become second nature to you. 😀

Goodnight, Workout Enthusiasts!

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