A Relationship of Unusual Craving—Fresh Movie Review

Not every love story starts with a bang! But this one did.

The girl shyly starts a dating app. But she doesn’t like anyone, and has good reasons too. We see the few ridiculous number of texts that can turn any decent girl off and make us guys go “eww.”

A guy approaches her at a usual grocery store (how cute!) and gets her number at the end. Then starts a conversation upon which the girl soon starts falling.

She has a best friend Mollie, who does not like the idea of her going out with this man, especially to a place called ‘Cottage Grove.’

Soon, what unfurls is nothing we anticipated before as the guy and the girl go through a journey of wits, play, suffering and whatnot.

You’ll go through different emotions but it’s not for the faint of hearts. You need to watch it with some disclaimer upfront—thriller and moments of agony and pain of living through the characters as the scenes start to reveal more throughout the movie.

What we have here is a crazy story that involves you and how your decisions have consequences. It helps you consider making decisions in life with a whole lot of thinking beforehand.

So, what do you value in a relationship? And how do you earn someone’s trust? Exactly how long does it take to know a person? Questions that are left unanswered.

I’m not gonna spoil stuff for you, but this movie is surely not what you’d expect on a regular drama movie.

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