How Joey Gives Rosa a Life Purpose—The Blackwell Legacy Review

Rosa felt alone for some time now. One evening, after writing an article, she felt a pain in her head before thinking of taking some rest.

Her eyebrow raised out of anxiety as she kept throwing questions into the air about the why on whatever was happening around her. It did not take long before the pain stopped.

Rosa felt relieved but remained flustered to the core. Suddenly, she noticed the picture of her with her Auntie Lauren standing over the T.V. flashing.

Rosa peeked at it and saw a ghostly figure appearing beside them. Her eyebrows raised again, body goose-bumped, as she encountered the invisible man, Joey, albeit not from the Friends T.V. show.

Her world turned dark as she blacked out on the floor.

Right there, the game picked off a new atmosphere with Joey’s presence as Rosa woke up to have a brief conversation.

Rosa’s suspense-filled shock drained almost instantly as she shrugged the incident off like it was a tea date, to which she expected Joey to arrive someday, even though she was not inviting it.

Soon she found her purpose as she got along with her invisible partner as both started a journey of deciphering the investigation of two murdered college students.

An invisible man like Joey could frighten just about anyone, but he had a different effect on Rosa, except for the blacking out part to which Joey offered a pun, with the charming characteristics that he brings.

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The Blackwell Legacy shows us a young would-be writer Rosangela “Rosa” Blackwell as she was scattering the ashes of her last remaining family member off the Brooklyn Bridge.

What awaits her next is meeting the family ghost Joey Mallone who said that she could live a different life than her predecessors. This came as a relief to Rosa, who thought she would get the same hereditary dementia as her aunt.

However, she figures out a way to aspire for a better life, or according to what she heard from Joey.


The game boasts the use of pixelated graphics, especially how it was used numerously around that time, somewhat resembling the VGA graphics used in the 90s.

Image Credit: Wadget Eye Games

Controls and Gameplay

The player can interact with the characters and objects in the environment by clicking on them. The left-click enables conversations or directs Rosa where to go, whereas the right-click lets you analyze items.

You can collect items in your inventory, all of which are useful for your investigation. Rosa also has a notepad where she writes down important keywords where she can connect two people or people with an object to complement her findings.

This game has great voice acting and the tone of characters make it a delight to invest in the conversations.

The Impression

This was developer Dave Gilbert’s second game after his previous release “The Shivah,” which was a hit. The Blackwell Legacy is the first in a series of five games as we follow Rosa and her journey with her invisible partner Joey.

This is a unique story and one of a kind, a premise we can rely on some delightful story with the traditional controls from a point-and-click adventure.

After trying out a human and ghost teaming up to solve crimes, I feel much more excited to follow the series as it has four more games following up.

Where to buy?

If you’re interested to try this out, please check this link on Steam. If you are still on the fence, this trailer might help:

Or try some gameplay videos to make a decision:

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