Playing a Plague Adventure Amidst the Pandemic—Unforeseen Incidents Review

The dying woman got her wishes respected and rightfully by none other than the shabby-looking jacket-and-jeans-clothed Harper Pendrell, who is the lead character. Indeed, this guy from Yelltown did not think his day would go about helping someone other than repairing laptops for his fellow citizens as a handyman, let alone stumbling upon and accepting … Read more

A Unique Take of a Preacher on Life—The Shivah Review

Suffering. Questions. How could God let this happen? A Rabbi at a poor synagogue wondered for a moment. It is daunting to see no support from the people to whom he means to deliver his speeches. Perhaps, delivering a successful lecture depends on the person’s speaking skills—how well his/her words can lift someone’s spirit. It … Read more

A Fight for Being Free—Detroit: Become Human Review

Have you ever come across a narrative where discrimination follows people belonging to a particular race? Unfortunately, that’s daily news. Well, replace those discriminated against with androids, perfectly capable of thinking beyond what we call is machine-like, and we get Detroit: Become Human. Here’s the catch, though! It’s not just androids receiving harsh treatment from … Read more

Experience A Two-Man Prison Break—A Way Out Review

A Way Out features two main characters— Vincent and Leo, who meet each other in prison. Both share their story of how they ended up there. They develop a bond like brothers in arms and go off on an exciting but albeit dangerous adventure in their efforts to escape prison. Vincent is a calm and … Read more