The Batman—A Detective-Noir Dark Tale [NO SPOILER]

The Batman couldn’t be darker, at least that’s what I thought by the end of it. The caped crusader and Bruce Wayne’s epic donning in clothes could not have a thinner bridge between one and the other in regards to how it dawns upon us people to witness an epic opening of this new version of The Batman.


Robert Pattinson surely nailed it as the World’s Greatest Detective, albeit with a slight sloppy here and there, which makes sense since he is still becoming and the journey has only begun.

Catwoman stood the test of time as one of the best for taking the role with her both humane attitude and warrior-like appearance.

The Batmobile chase sequence felt suspenseful at first and great seconds after with its fresh engine revs and a great take on a finely designed tank.

Image Credit: Warner Brothers & IGN

Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne and the caped crusader had this dark appearance that made it look so gloomy yet real. The movie gave away a visual comic-like vibe. It felt more like Bruce and Batman were the same person with a costume in or out even though it was not supposed to be that obvious. When he donned in that suit, it made the scenes gritty and real. His voice was not unrealistic as Nolan’s Batman movies made them out to be but just a little low on the voice.


The sound effects during the few action scenes left me with an aura of invincibility and kept me hooked into the action as if Batman’s life depends on it. Every punch or kick in the various combat scenes made me think whether Batman would prevail or not—definitely making the dark knight a lot fresher into the world of vigilantism and vulnerable than he could ever be.

Jeffrey Wright plays his wits as Gordon and decides with all the weight of carrying the law on his shoulders and accommodating the vigilante with everything he can.

When I was going out, I noticed people humming silly vocal gestures comparing it with the action-induced Avengers. The thing is we are watching DC classics in a post-marvel world. What Avengers did was they brought out the Justice League thing before it even did in screen time.

The weird thing is Colin Farrell was in the movie, and yet he wasn’t. Cause his face and voice were different, which begs the question that he was just cast for his acting and nothing else.


My impression may not be accurate as I missed the first half an hour of the movie. However, for now, my initial impression stands at a solid 9.0 for keeping up with the expectation and delivering yet an insightful and damaged Bruce Wayne and The Batman—perhaps, the perfect comic-based superhero movie that consists of reasonable action scenes leaving us with a dark and precious Gotham City that we all love.

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