The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When the great president Abraham Lincoln signed the executive order that stated, “all persons held as slaves” within the Confederacy “shall be free,” he helped the Black community to establish their dignity in America. It also helped other people of color establish their presence throughout history.

However, only so many greats followed Lincoln’s ideals of a great nation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of those great individuals who aligned well with a similar view of a free America, fought for racial justice, and showed moral courage.

A hundred years on, and with the still-struggling Black community, Dr. King, using his skills as a preacher, led the Civil Rights movement in the 20th century and delivered speeches—advocating for the integration of Black Americans and the end of segregation altogether. He also believed it would create a “beloved community,” where people would transcend boundaries of race and be united in God.

His movement led to the Civil Rights Act in 1964–a great accomplishment for the whole of America.

On August 28, 1963, his famous speech “I have a dream” in the march on Washington would cause waves throughout communities around the world to this day.

“…I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. I have a dream today,” in his speech serves as a brilliant reminder that humanity prevails when we accept one another regardless of our distinctive features—race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

May God bless us all with the wisdom to accept people who look and sound different so that we can live in peace and harmony.

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