A Fight for Being Free—Detroit: Become Human Review

Have you ever come across a narrative where discrimination follows people belonging to a particular race? Unfortunately, that’s daily news. Well, replace those discriminated against with androids, perfectly capable of thinking beyond what we call is machine-like, and we get Detroit: Become Human.

Here’s the catch, though! It’s not just androids receiving harsh treatment from humans, but also because they see injustices around them. Although programmed to serve humankind by performing tasks efficiently, androids start developing a conscience and act for what is right.

There are also instances where Androids would grow emotional, and we would feel for them. Detroit: Become Human is nothing short of extraordinary.

Image Credit: Quantic Dream

My Impression:

We see the game revolving around three characters— Connor, Markus, and Kara. It enables the player with choices to make and consequences to face— just like in real life.

Each has a different tale of going rogue and independent, having the same goal in mind. Our choices shape the story; hence, not everyone will have the same outcome.

This game has a great soundtrack that perfectly complements the scenes. Add to that the fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay, this piece of breathtaking adventure takes us on a ride of how a revolution breathes.

Throughout its story, I felt the struggle the characters faced; how difficult it must be for people in real life who take it upon themselves to rise above adversity and fight for freedom. This game is spectacular, and I loved it. What about you?

If you want to buy, please head out here Epic Games or Steam.


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