A $100 headphones that look better than AirPods Max

When it comes to designing, you cannot go wrong with an Apple even if it costs your arm to get it. A beautiful $549 pair of headphones, albeit completely wireless, is entering the market but looks to be worse for us most while its slickness would attract the few in the top. However, if I were to suggest you for something totally wireless, it would be Audio Technica SR30BT – which gives a 70-hour battery life wireless solution for us all while only boasting its features for a mere $69.99 and Jabra Elite 85H that sometimes drops its prices below its asking of $149.99. The fact is around the $100 headphones, we can get pretty deals that do not break our bank.

Apple’s latest comes in 5 different colors – Space Gray, Silver, Light Green, Sky Blue, Red. Most of us are better off with black anyway.

We notice a Digital Crown button that can be utilized by holding it for getting Siri, pressing twice for skipping forward and three times to go backward, and pressing once to do the basic thing like play or pause.

It has a side-button for noise control, features the same old H1-chip yet guaranteeing an immersive sound quality. It has Bluetooth 5.0 like the Audio Technica SR30BT – completely wireless with no option for using it with a wire.

It has a 20-hour battery life including using all the features, which is definitely an improvement from their previous AirPods designs but falls way too short of delivering a competitive edge over the market when we have the likes of Jabra Elite 85h that gives 36 hours of battery life with all the cool features and benefits.

Moving forward, the AirPods Max does have the one-tap setup that includes holding them near to an iPhone to connect, features AirPlay 2 for audio sharing, tons of surrounding microphones actively recreating your surrounding when you are in transparency mode to ensure you have a quality phone call, they even feature on-ear detection where if pull the headphones off your head, they stop playing, and when you put them on again, they start playing again.

It looks a challenging feat rather for Apple to penetrate the well-established headphone market, with a massive unfriendly price tag that Apple is famous for, albeit with all the features giving their maximum performance, might fail to deliver an awe-inspiring reaction from people. Their strongest point in giving a slick design, which is a personal thing, may not prove enough for Apple to enter a market where most people like me would rather get a $100 pair of headphones like Jabra or Audio Technica.

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