Do you need Luck to Get to the Top?

Let us assume that Mr. John is an individual who is a hard worker and pursues a career that can help him get established in the corporate sector. He has enough wealth to eat, rest, and invest in resources to help him get there. If he were poor, circumstances would be different and quite challenging. This is why luck plays a significant role in an individual’s success, regardless of talent.

Luck is essential as it gives the person the environment one genuinely needs to flourish. If a person does not get the right societal atmosphere of learning or use necessary resources, they can’t succeed with anything in life; let alone something big.

Some famous people would argue that it is not luck that gets a person to the top, but only one’s hard work, and maybe perseverance. While it sounds convincing, it hardly justifies the millions of people with talent not making it in life. Most people would live a simpleton life not because of their choice but also because of their unsympathetic surroundings that did not allow them the time and place. Without a coach, one can hardly achieve something notable. Someone making it in life solely because of their hard work is illogical to conceive and painful to the hard-working people who have a dream but no resources. That is because he or she only gets to channel that towards something that cannot give him or her the field in which one can prosper.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” It is relatable once a person has what he or she needs. Then, it depends on the person how hard he or she is willing to work. There is undoubtedly a measure of luck and hard work. Some people work hard with little they have and make their luck, while others work less and get lucky. As prophetic as that line seems, it is true. Then, there is the invisible mass, neglected in life, whose socio-economic status has forced their hands not to pursue something big. They are the kinds who have neither a carefree life nor the way to reach the top.

In short, hard work and perseverance are essential combos in a person to attain success. However, to make them the only factor for success is subject to critique and reconciliation, for luck allows people to grow in the first place. With luck, a person with no talent can get to the top, if not quickly. However, without it, neither hard-work nor talent would be sufficient for a person’s vision coming into reality and making it to the top. Perhaps, it is a bit of everything that a person needs to be successful.

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