Plagiarism Hurts the Society Because it Makes us Unoriginal!

Plagiarism is getting more and more common to the average student every day. Millions, if not Billions, have tried to copy one or two assignments for quick submission in their college semesters. This happens because people want a quick way out of a situation. I strongly feel that it causes a problem and we should show strictness to a certain level to stimulate growth in individuals.

Some people may argue that plagiarism is equivalent to stealing someone’s work, and they are rightful in their claim. We can pretty much agree that once a person works really hard with his/her research, s/he tends to get a positive result out of it in the end. Now, that research, if it gets stolen by some people to do some work assignment without putting in the time themselves, would suggest that education has not reached that high level for individuals to think for themselves and put in the effort.

On the other hand, people with a different perspective might opt-in for discussion that education should be free and such can apply to research. We should accept the fact that people paraphrase the exact research paper. In other words, paraphrasing a research paper does get one out of the purview of the plagiarism tool, and that it fails to offer a formidable challenge to the students doing so. This is because one is only copying a paper without exactly copying but using his/her own words.

I feel that plagiarism is not okay. I feel we should value one’s time, and thus, his or her effort in expressing originality. Hence, plagiarism should be strictly forbidden the way it is being practiced in many institutions. Do you think zero-tolerance should be practiced?

Image Credit: Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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