5 Signs You’re Too Busy and How to Relax

You are one BUSY individual! Perhaps, you are a manager or one of those hard-working professionals looking for ways to improve your daily regimen without being too harsh on yourself.

Any routine change is already a topic that gets us anxious enough to not even start it. The very mention of this subject likely dozes us off to our individual boring lives as we carry on.

However, there is always something you can look up to, and here we are with the signs that you are too harsh with yourself and how you can take it down a notch.

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1. Hardly any Time for Family

When you are home, you find yourself with all the energy withdrawn from whatever you had in the early morning. Don’t sweat it! Our bodies need motivation as much as our minds do, which is why we can improve our lifestyle in a way that complements our routine—that includes maintaining our energy.

Solution: Try to sit for dinner with your loved ones at home at least a few times a week, if not daily. Try whatever is necessary to make it happen by calling keeping this goal upfront with people you work that hour.

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2. Eating without a Break

You’re eating while doing other tasks simultaneously. There’s a list of tasks you are ought to do. However, if you cannot make time for your own health, you’re doing yourself an injustice. Taking care of oneself is not selfish, instead, it is one of the most important things in life. If you’re healthy, you can also make others’ lives better by being there for them.

Solution: You need to set aside at least 15-minutes for each meal during the day. If you want to enjoy a little snack during the day, ask your supervisor for 10-15 minutes. Remember, the more you eat as long as it’s healthy food, the more you will feel relaxed whether it’s to work or do other stuff.

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3. You hate Waking Up in the Morning

You’re more tired in the morning than before you hit the bed. This is a common occurrence between people who either like to work at night or people who are overscheduled with work during the day that their mind is super awake during the night.

Solution: Set aside all the distractions sometime before sleeping. If you cannot exit everything, at least limit yourself to just watching T.V. without touching any of your mobile devices before sleeping. Also, drink chamomile tea, warm milk, or any other food that helps people to sleep better. Perhaps, read a book as it might help to get sleepy for some people.

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4. Loneliness by Losing Relationship with People and God

When you are tied up with everything, you hardly have time for those who are important—family, friends, and God. People who care about you will always try to want good things for you. Don’t lose them! They will notice if you somehow distance yourself in a way that might cause you to become lonely in the future. At times, you miss praying to God, for the rush of life passes you by so fast that you do not find time to contemplate things going well.

Solution: Be adamant in maintaining your important relationships. If you have to give time to your loved ones, prioritize it, keeping everything else aside. Slowly and steadily, you will feel more at ease doing it one day.

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5. You are losing track of things in Life

You don’t stop to think about where you’re going in your career, in your relationship, or in life. Perhaps, finding time to plan it out well before you need to take steps would be better at this time and this hour.

Solution: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? During interviews, a common question whose answer can help you define your life is divided into baby steps to getting there.

“When life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade.”

An old proverb

The above tells us that we need to face adversity with courage when life throws us challenges. Like turning a sour lemon into sweet lemonade, we can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Some of us may not be able to reduce our stress, at least not that quickly. Some of us are just too busy doing things that make our livelihood, spending more hours without getting much in return. Perhaps, we need to try our best in our little ways to help prevent things from controlling us and promote work-life balance.

And for those who have free time besides work, then that’s beautiful! Work on yourself and the people around you.

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