A birthday to contemplate

Just like the cake in the first picture, our life may seem imperfect. We feel it. But then we see how our dreams and hopes for a better life keep us moving forward with our heads up high. And when we have positive people around, it only adds up to our life’s many visions. We … Read more

What makes you special?

It could be simple like your voice, acting, receptiveness, calm nature, or even confidence. In many ways than one, it boils down to your personality and how you make the world feel around you. Owning a real estate or a BMW helps you in life’s many places and they make you privileged. But they do … Read more

Keep Going—Small Good Things

Didn’t have much energy to workout for a week. Missed all the push and pull exercises so much, mostly the feeling post workout. Finally, I’m back to the grind. And oh, it feels so good. 💪🏼 With so much going on everywhere, sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track. You lose it half way in, … Read more

Where I Felt It—An Experience of a Lifetime

I couldn’t let it go. My head could move no longer and my arms could barely go here and there; even the fingers felt numb at some point. All I see is the multilayered white ceiling that was limited to my otherwise peripheral vision, beyond the already attached tin foil metallic thing. Minutes in, and … Read more

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When the great president Abraham Lincoln signed the executive order that stated, “all persons held as slaves” within the Confederacy “shall be free,” he helped the Black community to establish their dignity in America. It also helped other people of color establish their presence throughout history. However, only so many greats followed Lincoln’s ideals of a great … Read more

A Touching but Clichéd Farewell to Craig’s Bond Series—No Time To Die Review

When you try a Bond film, you know you’re in for some gun-blazing and car-chasing action, along with some witty remarks and dialogues between Bond and his co-workers and adversaries. What you don’t get are slices of drama since Daniel Craig’s version got a ton of them, indulging us with a different flair than what … Read more