A birthday to contemplate

Just like the cake in the first picture, our life may seem imperfect.

We feel it. But then we see how our dreams and hopes for a better life keep us moving forward with our heads up high.

And when we have positive people around, it only adds up to our life’s many visions. We feel things aren’t too bad after all.

Then, we must realize that life isn’t so good for many others. We are yet to develop empathy towards one another and have humility within as they both reflect in our behaviors.

We learn and work on ourselves, cause we can—we are human beings, nonetheless.

As privileged as I am in many ways, the least I can do is acknowledge it and feel for those who are not.

Despite the struggles you face, I would still say to you, ‘Keep going. I hope your life gets better.’

Thanks to my family, friends, and colleagues for making my day more meaningful, especially those who wish me well, not just on my birthday but also in general. You are precious to me and I wish you well too. Take care and please keep me in your prayers. ❤️

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