How this Crazy Doctor Inspires Everyone—The Good Doctor Review

Freddie Highmore nails it as surgeon Dr. Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor, but here is the catch–he is autistic and a savant. So, how did he end up in a prestigious hospital in California?

The episode includes a debate going on between the President of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital and the board members on why he is so keen on hiring Dr. Murphy despite his lack of being just another qualified individual or so the board desires. The thing is the President knew Dr. Murphy from when he was young and watched him in his grooming.


Growing up with a troublesome father, Shaun and his brother decided to desert their home and live on their own, which was aggravated by the latest encounter with his father who threw their pet rabbit towards the wall that led to its death. That frightening incident started because of Shaun’s inability to last in multiple schools like a normal person, which made his father lost his cool. The brothers decided it was enough for them to not live in that house anymore.

However, Shaun’s brother fell from the top one day and breathe his last, leaving Shaun all alone, except for Dr. Glassman, the president of the prestigious hospital who had Dr. Murphy in his lens during his upbringing and was confident enough to believe that he can make a difference in the future.

The Introduction

Shaun was sitting in the debate room where one of the board members asked him why he wanted to be a doctor.

Shaun stared blankly, thinking of his why… Dr. Glassman was waiting for a concrete reason to come out from Shaun’s mouth. Shaun paused so much that the annoyed became too confident that he would fail to give anything concrete. And then, Dr. Murphy came up with the story about how horrible he felt seeing his brother’s soul leaving his innocent body, which gave him the reason why he wants others to live by being a surgeon. And that, he wants to create an impact.

It was a pretty solid reason or so it felt to many across the board.


Many episodes had moments that gave me some fresh perspectives about life while some had me laugh. Either Dr. Murphy’s weird questions he posed to Dr. Melendez during an OT, or his pursuit of trying out new lines to explore communication skills. All roads kind of strengthened my belief that life is indeed a place for everyone to live.

Perhaps, people with conditions that are apparent can do things normal people cannot. It is perhaps, a matter of time for them to show it once they are given a chance. Maybe, every one of us has a gift we must try to discover.

The Good Doctor is a feel-good show. And this is my impression of it so far.

Try it on either abc or Netflix!

Here’s the trailer to the show:

Hope you enjoy it!

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